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A friend and I set this picture up in my garden shed around 11:00 at night, for some wierd reason the neighbors now look at me funny.

  This is my friends costume, and what he'll be wearing this Halloween.


This is my completed Jason Voorhees costume in full glory!! and what I'll be wearing for Halloween this year!  




NFX Studios Zombie Chest, Sculpted by Jason Zyla. A fantastic addition to the HC, LC costume, painted to match HC flawlessly!



Dark Jason I just thought this picture looked really cool!!


This is my room as I see it every morning!!

Death Studios Ed Gein v1, sculpted by Jeff Death. This is the first real mask I bought after stumbling upon Jeffs site, it's still one of my favourites

Death Studios Walking Dead, Sculpted by Jeff Death. This is one of the best original zombie sculpts I've seen and one very creepy mask.

Death Studios Corpse Hands, Sculpted by Joe Reader. I had to get these to go along with my WD mask, Jeff did a fantastic job matching the paint scheme, especially since he didn't have my WD mask to look off of!

Death Studios Bite, Sculpted by Jeff Death. I saw this mask on Jeff's site and was blown away! Unfortunately he discontinued it, luckily I was able to find one on ebay, thanks Marty!

Twisted Toybox Kidnapper #4, Sculpted by Justin Mabrey, repainted by Chris Russell. This is an amazing mask! The sculpt was originally for a Jack Nicholson Joker mask, but Chris Russell acquired the mold and did this incredible repaint, when worn, this mask is creepy beyond words!!

BloodSeed- see below



This is the stand I built to display my NFX Jason costume, it's sitting in the corner of my room.

   NFX Studios Lake Corpse, this mask is taken directly from only one of two masks worn by Kane Hodder in the actual movie! Provided to NFX by Carl Buechler himself! This mask is made of a strong resin, and custom strapped to match the Happy Camper.
  NFX Studios Happy Camper, Sculpted by Jason Zyla. This is an excellent rendition of our favorite machete wielding, hockey mask wearing psycho path! Great thickness and outstanding quality on this piece.
  NFX Studios Happy Camper & Lake Corpse. This picture shows how the two mask match up, the chin of HC sticks out a little, but if you ask me I think it adds to the overall look.
Twisted Toybox BloodSeed #1, Sculpted by Chris Russell. This is a superb repaint of Twisted Toybox's NightSeed mask. This is an extremely creepy mask, especially in low light areas.
Death Studios RIP, sculpted by Jordu Schell. This is my friends mask, he ordered shortly after I showed him Jeff's site. He really loves this mask, sometimes maybe too much...
  Face Prop- Puppet Terrors Hanging Human Face prop, sculpted by Jesse Wroblewski. This is a really cool life sized ripped off face prop, it also comes with a bloody meat hook, and 6' of rope to hang it with.

  Samhain mask made by NFX Studios , sculpted by John Smith. This is one of the best Michael masks in my opinion, very good likeness to the first 2 movies. This one is done by JZ of NFX, fantastic paint job, and hair work! With incredibly realistic wear/dirt. 
Death Studios Legion. Discontinued DS mask, I got this one off ebay, thanks again Marty!
Leatherface, ???? I have no idea about this mask, I got it from Big Joe and my knowledge ends there. If anyone has any info on it please email me and let me know travsall@shaw.ca
Death Stalker Studios Wessex County Killer, sculpted by Aaron Lewis. A very cool original take on a part 3/4 Jason
  Twisted Toybox Father v2 sculpted by Chris Russell. Fantastic corpse mask! Really gross and dead looking! I love it! Flanked by Kidnapper and BloodSeed.


My current Father costume