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  What are you trying to do, scare the neighborhood kids?  A lot of high quality masks have come out of TCM.  Check out a few here and get the lowdown from the artists that created them.


What does Joe know?

  Why listen to some old stuffy critic who has seen the movie once and fell asleep with his head in the popcorn?  Let Joe give you the lowdown on this flick.  We challenged him to think deep and give us mere TCM mortals the skinny.  Joe, the microphone is yours.
  When I was 8 years old, my brother and I checked out TCM.  I was home alone, it was already dark when I popped it into the VCR.  "OH GOD", I still remember getting up to turn it off and felt a huge ice cold shiver down my body.  I was petrified, and to this day I remember my brothers and dad coming home.  One of my brothers asked, "Was it any good?".  I said, "it sucked.".  Boy, did I learn my lesson.
  The movie stands out out so much because of several things.  The name sounds like something historical, the original box art shows you what you are in for, and of course the movie.  A deadly original story and very appealing scenes.  People just can't believe it is not true, so real to life.  Everything that happens in the movie could potentially happen.  no zombies, no unstoppable killing machine, just plain human mortality and pure innocents being gutted and tortured on screen.
  Some people think TCM launched the slasher style horror genre, but I disagree.  In the succeeding movies, Halloween, F13, etc you have a killer with a background.  Shoot them, stab them, they still get up. Leatherface, I can shoot him, make him bleed.  TCM has an actual family living in society, truly crazy. 
  TCM is one of those movies people either love or hate.  The first one is so grainy, it's almost an acquired taste.  Alot of people don't like movies that look old like that.  If a horror fan hates this series, they probably are into spritual or thriller style horror movies.  I get countless questions from people "What's with Leatherface?"  They don't understand the movie.  Leatherface is retarded.  Killing is just a side effect of his upbringing.  If his father and brother were normal happy people, so too would Leatherface.
  The sequels were great in their own way, well except for the last one.  You can't take a successful series and change everything and expect fans to applaud it.  A friendly, fearful Leatherface,  masks that were applied by a professional makeup artist, come on!  Every single sequel had a chainsaw killing except this one, go figure.  Avoid it at all costs.
  Ok, move over Hollywood, this is how you make the next sequel.  It's dry, dead and burning hot.  You can see a heat wave everywhere you look.  I would use old cameras to play the same fuzzy, smudged film like the first one.  Leatherface would be in a suit and tie with a pretty woman mask.  He would be sweaty, big and very dingy.  The whole clan would be there except for poor hithhicker.  No new out of town relatives.  A voice would say, "In the dry, hot summer in the deep South.  A family lives alone on a dirty worn out countery road.  In a white dilapidated farm house.  'Heed this warning.  If spotted, do not enter, do not venture near, keep going!  Then thank God you are still alive, for you have just passed the Sawyer house, the very site of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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