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  PS: Hello everyone, I'm Pat Summerall and this is my cohort John Madden.  We want to welcome you to the great Superbowl of Masks.

JM: Yeah, I don't think great can fully describe what will take place here.  First off, what the hell is that stuff dripping.  I mean come on, is this guy running a Superbowl show or a blood bank?  Gives me the creeps.

How does it work?
  Quite easy  really. You submit via email your favorite vampire masks. Send me everything you know about that mask including a picture if possible. The favorites will then go head to head right here until one winner emerges. Each round's winner is determined by your votes.
  PS: Well John, I must say you look pretty good in that tie.

JM: So do you Pat, so do you.

PS: Let's try and explain what the viewers will see here.

JM: It's really not that complicated.  I mean you've got a mask, you've got the voters and POW you've got a winner.  It's what happens in between that should get interesting.

PS: What do you mean John?

JM: It's like this.  Someone threw a little clay here, they stuck some latex there, sprayed a little paint on over here and came out with a mask.  I honestly don't know who invented this concept.  probably someone in Central Arkansas, but it really doesn't matter, it's just good clean fun.

  PS: So where do the voters come in?

JM: Honestly, it's all about the voters.  I mean you and I wouldn't be sitting here if it wasn't for them.  They vote; WHAM, the winner goes to the next round.  It's that easy.  Take a look at that voter now, got a hotdog, warm beer, no shirt.  That's what life's all about.  He couldn't care less if it was 20 below, in fact that would just make the experience more enjoyable.

PS: So, do you have any predictions.

JM: I never like to predict, but I did see a mask in preseason,  let me tell you  tough!  It had blood in places I don't even have places.  I mean, you just know that guy spends all week getting ready for the showdown, fights in the trenches, slaps some tape on at halftime and he's ready to go.  He could be on my team anyday.

  PS: So what about this new stadium?  Isn't this place just beautiful?

JM: You said it Pat.  I always love to come to Latex Mask Central.  The fans are the loudest group I've ever seen.  We pulled up in the bus and the fans were cooking hotdogs, kielbasas.  One group gave us this turkey to eat   Look at that thing.  I mean it's got a leg here, over here, one thrown in over here.  I don't know where you get a 6 legged turkey like that, but I still ate it.

  Check out the current lineup here Email us  masks you don't see and fill in details we haven't.