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  The mask making seminar is a 5 day extensive training course geared for beginners to learn the art and craft of making masks.  This is a great opportunity to start a part time job, unlock your artistic talent or just learn a new hobby. 

The class will teach you all the fundamentals:

  • Sculpting a mask in clay on a human armature.
  • Sculpting in WED clay (oil based clay is an option, but will incur a small extra charge.  I don't recommend oil clay due to the time factor).
  • How to size the sculpt to fit a human head.
  • Sculpting techniques: beginning/advanced
  • How to prepare the sculpt for molding
  • Mold walls
  • 2 piece full head molds
  • 1 piece copy molds
  • Mold basics: cleaning, repairing, preparing
  • Casting a mask in latex
  • Preparing a casting for painting including seaming and repairing
  • Base painting
  • Different flexible paint types
  • Airbrush painting: basic and advanced techniques
  • Flecking/mottling/veining/eye painting/glossing/sealing
  • Hairing and other finishing work.

At the end of the seminar, you will have a full head latex mask of your own creation and will have the knowledge to make your own future creations.  While this class is presented as an all extensive beginners class, those with prior experience are welcome to attend and to learn more advanced techniques.  I will work 1:1 with everyone at their current level and pace.


You will also receive a full head polyfoam armature to sculpt on as well as a set of sculpting tools to take home (and whatever clay you used and want to lug back).

Have a look at a prior years seminar for more coverage.

Nearby hotel information available upon request.

We are 30 minutes from Disney World, so make a vacation out of it.


When July 29th - Aug 2nd, 2006
Where Orlando, FL 32828
Cost $300.00 with  50% deposit via check, paypal or credit card to hold your spot.  Remaining balance due at beginning of class.
Contact Neil Goldsmith lmcadmin@latexmaskcentral.com
  To reserve a spot and payment information.