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Winter Park, FL. 1:15 AM.  Friday, March 25th, FX Warehouse, the scene of the crime.  9 monsterish heads were discovered  with various degrees of horrific (yet creative) modifications done to them.  A handful of eyewitnesses claimed there were screams and shrieks emerging from the shop all week, yet no one dared come to investigate.  When the police finally showed up, no one could be found to claim responsibility for the carnage.  Pieced together from witness reports and anonymous tips, we have assembled a short list of possible suspects.

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Barry "Bear" Blaisdell - Ironically, Barry is an officer of the law himself, which makes this suspect that much more dangerous.  Barry is known for his quick hands. An anonymous tip reveals he might be responsible for at least 2 of the recovered heads.  The same eye witness saw Barry fleeing the scene of the crime screaming, "It's all about the bag!".  Incidentally, it was discovered to be a smoke screen.  Barry had refused to even use a bag.  Better luck next time.


Chris Crum (Cake) - Chris is the brains of the operation.  His quick wit has gotten him out of more than one sticky situation in the past.  When not coordinating the operation, Chris is a master at taking out electrical systems.  Chris was discovered while escaping on a brand new 310 hp turbo charged air compressor yelling at the top of his lungs.  "I'll mold it when it's hard, baby!"


Quintin Irizarry- aka "the Brooklyn Bomber".   Quintin never met a caper he wasn't prepared for.  If you need a job done, he has the tools to get you there.  Reports indicate Quintin opened up his tackle box, hacked together a helicopter and sped into the night laughing, "I need three mold straps baby, three mold straps. BEAUTIFUL!"


Eddie Chaistain- You don't do a job without the muscle.  Eddie poses as a professional wrestler and has been known to take down the likes of Dusty Rhodes back in the day.  When not in the ring tying up his opponent in the figure four, Eddie has been found pounding a few heads into a claylike pulp.  Reports have Eddie busting through the window of the shop, tearing off into the night, hooting, "Dance Monkey, Dance!"


Dean Martin - Yes, one in the same.  News reports were just a smoke screen.  Dean has been laying low for years waiting  for the public attention to die down.  Now Dean is leading the life he's always wanted, the life of crime.  Dean claims all he needs to get the job done is a rubber spatula.  He was found driving away yelling, "I'll dump my plaster anywhere I damn well please!"


  Johnny Blackburn- Calm, cool and collected.  Johnny aka "the Thinker"  never ran into a situation he couldn't get out of.  When not visiting time shares, Johnny spends his nights dreaming of his super heroes while tearing up a new head.  Johnny is known to bring only a single bass guitar to a job.  Johnny was seen casually walking away from the scene mumbling to himself, "Don't smoke around rubber cement paint, huh!  F*%k that!" 


Tosha McComb- aka "the Librarian". The typical smoke screen of the operation.  Tosha is always there to deter the fuzz with her smooth talk and calm demeanor.  Don't let that fool you.  Tosha was seen outside the building smashing an airbrush against the wall screaming, "Come on, clog on me again, I dare ya!"


Ian Odden- Ian drives the getaway car.  Unfortunately, we have no eye witnesses to place him at the scene.  It seems Ian took a bus the morning of the job and wound up in Georgia.  Last person to see him mentioned he was outside the bus station sobbing, "Route 72, route 72, not 27, Damn!"
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