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  Try as we might, we could not get Alex off the couch.  He keeps insisting he's only a few months away from the record and he's not budging until he achieves it.  We figured he's sitting on his duff anyway, he might as well watch a few movies.  Alex reviewed the family special Dead & RottingOk horror fans, can't pull one over on you.  D & R isn't exactly something  you'll find on the Disney channel.  Read what Alex had to say about this interesting entry from Tempe and then if you aren't too scared you might consider picking it up.

  We had a few guest reviewers look at a couple of in theater flicks.  Check out 2  reviews of House of 1000 Corpses and Identity.

  If Big Joe doesn't find himself a career in movie watching, then there is no justice in the world.  Joe revels in the horror/gore movies and has quite a database of movies tucked away in his gray matter.  Joe's contributing his opinions and reviews to our blossoming movie review section, and everyone that knows Joe knows he is never one to hold back opinion.  Head over and read his review about Slaughter High.

The best product ideas always seem to stem from a need to find a better way.  'Necessity is the mother of invention' rings true here. Vance Hartwell has some really neat products you can use for your latex masks.

V-Gloss is a water based gloss sealant used for rubber cement based paints.

V-Matte is a water based matte sealant used for rubber cement based paints.

V-Thix is a water based thixotropic additive used to thicken slip latex.  Much better alternative to Cab-O-Sil.

Read the spec sheets on these cool products in Adobe Acrobat format below.

You can pick these up from Davis Dental or  Vance himself  if outside the US.


V-Gloss.pdf                    V-Matte.pdf                         V-Thix.pdf

  Sculpting like a Hollywood FX pro is easy.  Just watch Mark Alfrey's video 100 times, practice for, oh about 10 years and you should have it down.  We took a look at his video and then another and another.  Read our review and get out the clay.  Click Here