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The top 20 most powerful people in the world of masks as picked by the public.  All these people have had an impact in the way the hobby has evolved and many are still steering that ship.  Have a look, read about them, visit their sites and give them a pat on the back for pushing the world of painted rubber to where it is today and where it is going tomorrow. 

Here they are starting with #20 and working our way to the top.



Christian  Hanson: Chris runs a popular site called the Monster Lab where professionals from the FX world gather.  A lot of mask makers mill around there too.  Chris also created the Executioner for Death Studios that has gotten critical acclaim from the media and has generated so much buzz, he had to go into hiding and change his name to Scoot. http://pub57.ezboard.com/bthemonsterlab


20 (tied)

Jon Fuller: Jon got the ball rolling with his Yahoo group called Monster Makin/Creature Creatin way back in the day (ok, about a year ago).  Thanks to Yahoo, his group wound up evolving into what Christian Hanson created.  Jon has also become a professional FX stud in Hollywood.  He has created a number of masks for Death Studios and some independent creations of his own. http://www.geocities.com/fullercreations




Casey Love: Casey has come on strong in the mask world the last year or so.  His brand of original and real to life masks and models have gotten the attention of quite a number of fans.  He does it all and intends on leaving a bigger mark before it's all through.  Check out his site and you will agree, it's some of the best stuff out there. http://www.theclonefactory.com




Eric Austin: EA heads the very popular HMA.  He has been going strong for many years and is responsible for developing a strong community in the mask world.  Fans flock to his site to gaze at the next marvel of latex coming from very talented artists.  His personal collection is about ready for the Smithsonian.  Ask EA about a unique hard to find piece and chances are, he'll dig up something for you. www.thehma.net




John Smith: John is one of  the most productive mask makers.  His masks are all over Death Studios lineup and are perennial favorites.  His remarkable resume includes Death Studios Vampyre that just about everyone owns and a popular Myers called Samhain, just to name a few.  Have a look at the artist that created your favorite DS mask and there's a good chance it was John.





Joe Lester: Joe left 'em screaming at DarkSide Studios this season.  He hit the ball hard with Smilin Jack and the Jester mask.  Joe's a humble guy that has talent rivaling some of Hollywood's best.  Joe's brand of characterization in his work has artists rethinking that 'snarl' look that is so common.  Joe can also crank out the goods in other mediums not involving latex. www.theimageworks.homestead.com




Rick Baker: Rick Baker is the man in the FX world.  Rick's work ethic and dedication are second to none.  If you have never heard of Rick, you probably haven't seen a movie in the last decade.  He does apes like no one else and can outsculpt just about anyone.  His influence in the mask world runs deep.  He lies in wait in just about all artist's subconscious, influencing their designs with his past work (is that hokey or what?).




Chris Russell: Chris hails from Mississippi and is a production machine.  He has a new mask popping up all the time and keeps the goods coming to the fans from his site Twisted Toybox.  Chris does all kinds of masks and helps to keep the independent mask world moving full steam ahead.  Chris also puts customer service first and gets nothing but rave reviews from his customers (How many of you spelled Mississippi in your head?) www.twistedtoybox.net




David Lady: DR. Lady is a legend.  His knowledge and experience with masks is second to none.  David has put out various books on collecting and mask making and is considered "the source" for everything rubber on your head.  He also runs the Horror Hotel in Ohio with his wife Laura Lady.






Harry Inman: If there is one guy that epitomizes the independent mask maker, it is Harry.  He has been doing masks since before some of the fans were born.  Harry puts out some amazing pieces of art.  If you haven't seen some of his personal mask videos he sends to customers, you are missing out on some entertaining stuff.  Have a look at his site and you will agree, Harry has done a TON of masks.  www.nightmaregallery.com/harryinman



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