Treat other's with the respect you want to be treated with.

Excessive Abusive language, flaming, online arguments will get you removed and your IP banned. There won't be a conference calling you out for your inappropriate behavior, you'll just be dropped from this site into the abyss of the world wide web. So keep it clean and peachy.

All artists selling their personal creations of a copyrighted design are expected to have gotten proper permission from the respective owners of that design independent of Latex Mask Central. 

Latex Mask Central will not pursue permission to reproduce a design on the artists behalf.

Any person selling an item must have obtained that item through legal means.  Selling of illegally obtained merchandise is not accepted.  The individual will not be allowed to sell in the future and may be banned from the site if any of the following pertains: Item is stolen, item is recast from another's property, item is pending court case for copyright infringement, or has been deemed a copyright infringement in a court of law.

Selling of items is a transaction between buyer and seller only.  Latex Mask Central is not responsible for lost payments, improper funds, shipment problems, merchandise quality or any other issues between buyer and seller. Consult the buyer and seller of the transaction if issues arise.

Policies are accessible from just about any location on the site.  Failure to comply due to ignorance of the policies is not acceptable.