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  Painting a blank pull in a paint program is a great way for a mask artist to experiment with designs before spraying a single drop of paint.  Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop, basically any paint program worth its salt can be used.  Luckily, this process can be used anywhere your computer will allow you to travel. Hey, even if your sittin' pretty in a Hawaii accommodation, you can make plans for your mask painting journey. Who knows, maybe even the architecture in the downtown Disney hotels you stay at might whisk away too might even purge some more creative art ideas into your blood.

  Voting is underway.  Go vote for your favorites here
  We are back for the 2nd paint a mask contest.  Check out this beauty by Arturo Balseiro.  Many thanks to Arturo for this mask.  Click on the picture and download the larger size image (don't use this thumbnail picture), or you can click here to load the big picture.  You can save it to your machine by right clicking and choosing the 'save picture as' menu option.  Use any painting program you have (Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop, etc) or even print it out and hand paint it and scan it back in if you want.  Paint up to 3 different versions of this mask and enter all 3 of them.  Just like last contest, the public will decide the winner and you will get that mask painted as close to your design as possible for FREE.  Check out the last contest to see how some designs fared.

Please get all your entries in before the end of  Oct 1, 2003.  That's midnight EST Oct 1 for those keeping score.

Please don't add any additional parts like horns for instance.  I'm only painting the winning design, I'm not sculpting in new pieces.

  Here's a look at Charles Babbage's design and the finished mask he won from last contest.




We have a winner!  Charles Babbage painted the most beloved mask as voted by the fans.  Check out how all the votes went and congratulate Charles on a job well done.



2048x1536 1024x768 800x600
This is a thumbnail picture of a blank pull of the "cellar dwellar" offered through Darkside Studio.  Pick the resolution you would like to save it at.   The higher resolutions provide more detail, but also takes longer to load.
  Right click on the enlarged copy and save it to your computer.  Paint a copy of it in your favorite paint program, and send it back to us at the same resolution.  You can print it out and hand color it if you want and scan it back in.  We will display your artwork right here.

Jacob Linzey did this very dark version of the troll.  Creepy guy under the bridge look to him.


Travis Dorsey sent in this beauty.  Very nice design with the split head.  Nice work!



Here's one sent into us by Arthur Brill.  Very nice!  I really like the veining and the contrasting eye color.  Gives him a very evil look.  You can contact Arthur at Niccodaemus@aol.com . Good job!!!




Here's a green version from Arthur



Here's a version of the troll sent by Peter Murphy aka "Crazy Clayer".  Not only can he paint em, he can sculpt em too.



Vance Hartwell sent us this beauty (or should I say beast?).  Take a closer look at this guy, especially that hair. Awesome!



Here's Michael Mosher's version of the troll.  I like it.  Those are some really nice eyes and the little hairs on him really add to the troll mystique (whatever that means).



Tim Sepulveda sent us this guy with a nice cold blue skin tone.  Pretty neat, thanks Tim.



Here's a neat fella from Kevin Doty.  He's got that green look that everyone loves about Trolls.  Good stuff!



Rob Benevides sent this pink little critter.  He looks like he's got quite a bit of skin there.  Neat!



Check out this one from Rod McClure.  Now there's some added features that look great.  Amazing what some people can do.  He named this guy HeadButter for obvious reasons.



Here's something unique.  Dave Schedt turned him into a djinn.  Neat idea and nice job for a first shot at it.


Jesse Brown was possessed when he did this one.  Neat glowing eyes and where the heck did all those horns come from?

  Here are some tips for PSP:

Use the airbrush tool

Experiment with the airbrush settings to get the desired effect.

Darken recessed areas, lighten high areas.  The picture will have some natural shadows from the light already.

Zoom in as close as you can.  The higher resolution pictures enable you to retain the details

Use different layers.  Layers are one of those things in PSP that once you start using, you don't know how you got by without them.  Experiment with the layer opacity.  This is an awesome feature.

Undo can be your best friend, don't be afraid to experiment.