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LMC: Why did you start with horror?

SM:  Iíve always been in love with the genre.  My two favorite films are Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  I saw Texas in the movie theater when I was 12 years old.  It was a re release.  We went to see a double feature Sleepaway Camp and Texas.  We watched Sleepaway Camp and afterwards, I said do you want to hang around for this next movie, we were like sure why not.  Well, after it was over you had to peel us out of the seats.  Also, the horror genre is one of the best genres to do low budget.  Sometimes the low budget feel enhances the movie.  A lot of my favorite directors started out with horror: Carpenter, Cameron, Scott to name a few.  There are a lot of diehard fans out there too.  You have web sites and fanzines.  How many fanzines are there for romantic comedy?

LMC: You also composed the music?

SM:  Yeah, I have a background in piano and Iíve done a lot of digital composing.  5 years ago I couldnít do it with my own computer, but now thanks to the magic of sampling and some of the software out there, I was able to do it.

LMC: Did you get sense of how to pace the music and what was appropriate for what scene?

SM: I have a basic knowledge in musical theory.  When I was shooting the film, I had a lot of the music in my head and in the editing room, went from there.  I look at Carpenter who does a lot of his own music and Halloween has the most appropriate sound track for a movie.  I saw a survey in Entertainment Weekly about the greatest film soundtracks and Halloween didnít even make the list.  I just canít believe that.  I mean, you play that simple theme to anyone and immediately they recognize it.

LMC: Whatís next?

SM: Iíve broken this up into 3 scripts.  We are already looking at making the other two.  This is actually the 2nd film in the series.  It was the only one I could do on this budget because the prequel needs named actors to pull it off because it is much more dramatic, very dialog heavy and big sets.  The sequel has a lot of action and car chases for instance, so that will require a big budget.

LMC: Are you finding more doors opening for other projects?

SM: Budgets are getting higher for me.  As far as doors really opening, it is pretty tough for everybody.  A lot of competition in this environment.  Even directors of hit films arenít guaranteed to make it.  I do have an advantage in that I have something in my past and people are willing to hear my project pitch.  They know I have succeeded before and have an advantage over Joe Director who walks in off the street.  The sequels are planned, so that is nice.  Iíve got other scripts in the works.


Many thanks to Stevan for taking the time for this interview!

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