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  Lee Romaire continually sets the bar to a new mark with each mask he creates.  Masks aren't the only thing he excels at.  Lee is a world class FX artist in Hollywood and has some serious hardware he recently won for his work on the HBO series '6 Feet Under'.  To talk to Lee, you would never imagine just what he has achieved because he's also very humble.  He is his own harshest critic and claims he has alot to learn.  Read all about Lee.


  How could we look at ourselves in the mirror if we didn't interview the first lady of latex, the madam of monsters, the gal of ghouls?  It's no secret the mask world is dominated by those of us belonging to the less fairer sex, so it's great to know there are women who would rather discuss which version of Frankie is her favorite rather than how inspired she was by last nights episode of 'Trading Spaces' (had to throw that in for my wife).  Laura is of course married to that crazy nut David and together they make a perfect monster crazed team.  Laura specializes in hairing masks and is the go to guy (er ah gal) when it comes to the big hairing projects.  Read about Laura and her thoughts on the crazy world of monsters.


Sandy Collora has been in the world of FX for many years and has risen to the top of his game. He's had a burning desire to direct and hit it big with his short feature Batman : Dead End.  Unless you just crawled out of a cave, you have seen this short or at least heard how cool it is from your friends.  Sandy flew in to LMC for a quick bite to eat and an entertaining and in-depth interview.   Don't be surprised  if you see Sandy's name flashing in the director slot of a big name film in the near future.  Read what Sandy had to say here.


  Steve Wang is just that: A living legend.  He's one of the most well known and respected FX artists today and he's worked on a sizable number of big name creatures that live beyond their 2 hours on screen.  Read all about Steve.
  This just in... Alex C. dug up this Fango picture of a contest Steve entered and won way back when.  Steve's design is on the left.


  Dearly Departed we are gathered here today...oh sorry.  You know him as the Godfather of Masks, the Lugosi of Latex.  He's been alive and kicking for nearly 400 years and has been collecting masks ever since.  David Lady flew in after sundown for a chat with LMC.  Read about his life and times and what's on his mind.  You'll find the only thing sharper than his canines is his quick wit.  He will having you laughing so hard, you may find yourself in an early grave muahahahaha.

The king of creature creation, Jordu Schell has alot on his mind.  Jordu is widely regarded as the best of the best in design and creation of those lovable Hollywood creatures you see in top notch movies, but Hollywood movies are only a small part of what he does with his work.  Read all about Jordu and his life as well as his thoughts on the world. 


Yes, Henry Alvarez is in the house.  What an artist!  Henry's work has sure crossed your eye and probably more times then you know.  Working on movies, statuary, wax museums, you name it. Henry had a chat with LMC and sent us so many pictures, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Read all about Henry's life and career.



Michael Mosher epitomizes what FX work is all about.  He stays busy with a wide array of FX jobs that have him working commercials, movies, TV, you name it.  Michael has alot on his mind. Read all about his life and work.



If you are familiar with Russ Lukich, then you know he doesn't settle for just ok.  His work in the FX field speaks for itself and it speaks volumes about his talent.  Russ stopped by for an interview.  He shared some of his thoughts on the FX field, his work and something about being locked in a cabin with scantily clad women.  Read his interview and leave him some feedback at the end.



Vance Hartwell painted more orc parts for LOTR than he cares to remember.  We caught up with him to find out a little about his work and history.  You will instantly recognize alot of what he has done throughout his career and  doing a large portion of  it while living in New Zealand.  When you finish his interview, go read about his new V-line of products in the Reviews section.




If there's a harder working FX guy in Hollywood, we would like to know.  Mark Alfrey keeps busy pounding the clay for  movies, TV, even rock stars.  Check the shot to the left.  An exclusive shot of him with Marilyn Manson from his private collection.  He's the two breasted one btw.  Click here to read all about him.