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Do you need custom masks or props for your personal collection, professional business or show?  Send us an email at lmcadmin@latexmaskcentral.com and let us know what you are looking for.  We provide professional, quality service from latex masks to full body creatures and everything in between.  We have done production work for TV shows like 'Law and Order' and 'Ringer' and work for companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Nestle, as well as many custom jobs for collectors.   No job is too big or too small.





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  Ready for a show of monster proportions?  Monsterpalooza has grown to be one of the biggest monster shows on earth.  It's back again in 2013 and will be the biggest and baddest it has ever been.  If you miss this show you have to turn in your monster card.


  Steve Wang's finished Reaper tribute piece.  Excuse my french, but it's stunning!

From Nightmare on Elm Street to Friday the 13th,  the director Michael Bay offered his spin on several of Hollywood's most famous horror films.



  What's Steve Wang up to?  If it is a monster related movie, he's probably involved.  Check out some stuff created while working as art director at Patrick Tatopoulos' studio.  These are pictures from the new Underworld Evolution movie, The Cave and a Spanish  movie from Robert Rodriguez called Curandero.  Steve also did a custom Reaper for a collector (WOW!).  Like a fine wine, he just gets better and better with age.

More Pictures


  Looking for something new?  Check out a brand new, high quality mask company www.shopofterrors.com

  Wow!  If this isn't a Creature's dream come true, I don't know what is.  Mark Alfrey created the most lifelike and accurate full scale Creature ever.  A limited number of museum quality fiberglass copies will be made available. Email me if seriously interested.

  There are 2 slots available for LMC's  upcoming advanced mask seminar Nov. 7th-11th in Orlando, Florida.  The class assumes you know the basic knowledge to creating masks and want to take your work to the next level.  I will be teaching the class and a full time independent mask artist will be helping.  email me if you are interested, first come first served.


  Want to be an FX artist?  Don't miss my interview with Rich Knight.  Read about how get got started and what it takes to make it all the way up to the top.

  Steve Wang and a small crew threw together this mannequin in 8 weeks for Blizzard Entertainment's booth at E3 this year.  This is Nova from the upcoming game: "Starcraft:Ghost".  She was created from the ground up and is made entirely from latex and polyfoam.

  What could possibly be more fun than Halloween at Darkside? Yeah, I don't know either.  If you have been tossing and turning these last few months waiting for Paul to finally give us a peek, then the wait is over.  Check em out, buy em, put em on your head, scare kids, that's the spirit.

  Outstanding work by Neil Vickers.  This was done for the singer of the band Blitkreig.  The design was taken off their albums: Absolute Live and Absolute Power.  He will have  a Predator style helmet.


  The Spring '05 mask making seminar is a thing of the past.  What a workout!  We all had alot of fun, got to spend a week making cool monsters and learning the ins and outs of mask making.  Check out the inside scoop and see all the pics.  The next seminar is being pushed back to November of this year.  See the seminar story below for more details.

  Raise your hand if you took Home Economics in High School?  Yeah, me too, because they didn't offer cool classes like Visual Effects and Design.  I would much rather be making the Thing than Fettuccini Alfredo.  Which is exactly what students at Berea High School recently completed.  Their work is getting dangerously close to Hollywood standards, so don't be surprised if Steven Spielberg makes a few phone calls out their way.  This was a monster to make in more ways than one.  250 lbs of clay went into this bad boy.  Now it's a polyfoam filled prop with an attitude.  You can contact the teacher Jim Bycznski for more information.  They are also looking to raise money for the class.


  The mask making seminar for the spring session (March 21st - 25th) is now full.  We are opening up a new session in November 7-11th of this year.  The FX shop where we run the seminar will be moving to Daytona Beach in May.  We will be holding this one at my home studio in Orlando.
  The 2nd annual mask making seminar is here!  We had a successful seminar last year and are bringing it back again this year.  The seminar will be held in Orlando, FL., March 21st - 25th.  Class is first come first served, so get  your deposit in now.  Read more details here.

View information about last year's seminar here.



Here is the Drake creature created by Spectral Motion for Blade 3.  Steve Wang sent in these awesome behind the scenes pictures.  The blue glow is achieved by using wildfire paints and the creepy eyes used a similar Halloween contact lenses  that takes the costume to another level.  In the film, they used a black light obscured by a cutout wheel that spun to make the blue appear to be moving.  Unfortunately, the film was timed down too dark to really see the effect.


  You may recall we had pictures of these props in the creation stages many moons ago.  This is the finished work of Berea High School's Visual FX and  Design class.  How neat did they turn out?  Looks better than professional Halloween props!  These also can be purchased for your own haunt. Email me (lmcadmin@latexmaskcentral.com) and I can give you more information if you are interested.


  Get to know Joe.  Joe is a fantastic artist whose talents go way beyond mask making.  Read about his life, times and find out just why he stole that red ball of clay in 4th grade.

  Check out Glenn Williams awesome collection.  He's got a number of neat masks and some hard to come by.



Matt Rose and Chad Waters are among the best in the world when it comes to special FX.  Both have enjoyed a long and successful career, much of it  spent at Rick Baker's shop Cinovations. 

We caught up with them and found out about their work on Hellboy and some of their personal projects.

  You may recall when we did an interview with Steve Wang, we dug up this Fango picture of a contest he entered back in the '80's.  Well, Matt Rose was the artist responsible for the picture on the right.  Both teamed up to create the Ghoul Brothers.  Amazing work even in their tender years.  Just goes to show entering Fango contests can lead to being worldclass FX pros (or something like that).


  Malevolence may be just what the doctor ordered.  How many of you horror fans come back from Hollywood's latest horror fodder only to pine for the days when horror meant horror?  Well, Stevan Mena is right there with you.  A fan of the genre at heart, Stevan spent many years getting his baby into production and it's paying off in spades.  Stevan  won the best feature award last year at the New York Independent Horror Film festival and high praise at LA's Screamfest.  The attention did not go unnoticed and Malevolence was lofted to a limited theatrical release.  Read more




  Combine Jordu Schell and Distortions and you come up with one awesome pairing.  Read about the current project they are working and the new look to some classic masks


  Wow!  25 years of latex mask production.  Stop to think about how long that is and you will be amazed that Jeff Death and the staff at Death Studios have been pumping out the goods year after year for so long.  Read more about DS and what Jeff's fans and customers have to say.








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