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  The ImagineNation Expo was a fun event and especially since they added masks to the mix.  A number of big talents made the trek to hold seminars and to show us what they have been up to over the last year movie-wise.  Jordu Schell taught us sculpting while keeping us in stitches, Steve Wang had a bevy of top secret pictures from upcoming movies that were quite awesome,  Miles Teves showed us some of his outstanding work and Tim Gore taught us the ins and outs of Hollywood painting.  Bernie Wrightson was on hand to tell us the history of Swamp Thing as well as what he's been doing as of late.  I didn't attend all the seminars, but I heard great things from them. 

The floor had masks, props, models, kits, toys, movies, you name it.  Bob Burns and Ben Chapman were on hand too.  A worthwhile event and one that gets bigger every year.

  Some of the lovely models and masks found throughout the show.  A number of these were for sale, some were entered into the contest. 
  Nifty idea, huh?
  Ever see Frankie in this pose?
  Alot of takes on that Frankie dude, huh?
  Casey Loves neat Diseased piece, took 3rd place.  I love that model with the clear resin base.  Isn't that just the coolest?
  This Nemo display got alot of attention
  The mask on the right had LEDs all over it for a unique display.
  Steve West's work.  He is an amazing talent.  He is doing alot of Boris Vallejo pieces and doing them quite well I might add.
  The T2 display was an addition to your T2 bust and it played music, moved the head and mouth and controlled the eyes.
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