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Yo, listen up cuz I'm only gonna tell you this once and I don't like to repeat myself.  I got my weekend free from the pen, so I had a choice, you know.  I could go see some really good theater or check out this flick called Identity everyones mouthing off about.  Well, I went to see this movie cuz I got issues with movies that try and make you figger stuff out.  Yeah, I hear ya.  Talk about me like that again and you will be eating those teeth for dinner.

Well, this movie was pretty good, you know.  It had that all to familiar feel to it in the beginning about a hotel and some people in the friggen rain at night.  You know, all friggen horror shit movies try and do.  Well, you got to keep your eyes peeled if youse plan on figgering it out before they drop da bomb on you.  I think I figgered it out 5 ways to Sunday before the end and all of them coulda been it.

The first part of the flick was your atypical killing fare.  You know, the stuff that makes you jump and shit like that.  But I didn't jump and if you mouth off that I did, you'll be in for a hurtin.  Youse have to pay attention here if you want to brag to your friends how you got all smart and figured shit out, but there's some clues and stuff that you can piece together when you heading back to the pen.  I swear I hit myself on the head 3 separate times when I said those dumb asses lead me right to the friggen trough by the nose, but I didn't drink. 

Well, Ray Liotta was da bomb.  He and John Cusack put together a nice piece here and that guy with the wiggling eyes.  What's up with that?  What's he looking at?  Anyway, I can't think of nothing bad to say about this movie.  It had nice twists and turns and sort of a Psycho feel or some shit like that.  Then if  youse as smart as you think you are, you might figger something out.  Pay attention to the hints they gives ya, cuz like wid me, you don't get a 2nd chance to figger it out. Go check it out and write to me if you think youse smarter than me.  Go ahead, talk it up tuff guy, I'll have to pay you a little visit in 7-10 and I'm bringing that bat (mmm tasty).