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  Check out these cool Pumpkin Beasts.  Rick Difeo takes hard core foam pumpkins and parts from various kits, masks and models, a little bondo filler and some paint and voila, your very own unique pumpkin.  Pretty darn cool, huh?


  The first ever LMC/FXWarehouse mask making seminar is now a thing of the past.  Check out the 411 and see the pics all the newspapers are clamoring for.


  James Lurgio has quite an interesting collection.  Check out his masks that he has displayed prominently throughout his office and bedroom.


  Shhhh.  Don't make a sound.  You hear the rustle in the bushes and you know it's Bigcat about to pounce on yet another great mask.  Ok, so that was cheesy, but Pete Robert's mask collection is anything but cheesy.  One of the the largest individual mask collections in the world, Pete has been collecting great masks for many many years.  Read what Pete has to say about his collection and his thoughts on everything latex.


  A big thanks to Henry Alvarez for hooking us up with these awesome pictures from the Sand Diego Comicon that took place over the summer.  My apologies for taking so long getting them up.  Have a look here and I'm sure you'll agree it would be a great event to experience in person.



An Interview with Patrick Tatopoulos



  If you are a horror fan and who isn't visiting this site, you should sink your teeth into the upcoming movie 'Underworld' (due out September 19th).  It has vampires, werewolves and a few other surprise beasties to quench anyone's appetite for blood.  Patrick Tatopoulos was the man responsible for bringing these other worldy creations to the big screen.  We caught up with him during his ultrabusy schedule and asked him a few questions about Underworld, his past body of work and what his next big bite is going to be. 


  David Lady is a doodler for sure.  This page of drawings is just the tip of the iceberg.  He spends alot of time with monsters on the brain.  Check out his many awesome drawings and see if something jumps out at you.  Hopefully, it won't bite (too hard).

  Mel Brooks once said, "It's good to be the King."  I'd like to revise that and say, "It's good to be Steve Wang's son."  Steve made his son a nice little custom Halloween costume this year.  It might be possible Steve could adopt you, but you might get strange looks at 32 years old calling Steve your dad.  Maybe not.



  Are you a Frankie nut?  If you have a love for monsters, chances are you have a place in  your heart for the lovable green, er ah blue, er ah yellow guy, well you get the picture.  Henry Alvarez was kind of enough to send over some awesome pictures from an exhibit at the Torrance library dedicated to ole bolt head himself.  Bill Luciani is the owner of such wonderful pieces of art and was willing to share with the viewing public.  Check out these neato pics and see if you can name them all and their origin.  If so, you might just get a gold star, or a pat on the back, or something nice like that.


  Dave Britton grew up loving the world of fantasy, and what fantasy world doesn't have strange monsters in it?  Dave took his talents and set out to not only sculpt these amazing creatures, but to invent a new lifeform.  He started out in latex and expanded his horizons to resin.  Dave has created a unique lineup of trophy heads with some of the most outlandish creatures that are rooted in reality.  So much so, that Dave incorporates real elements into alot of his work such as bones.  Read how Dave grew up and how he molded his hobby into alot more.


  Vegas and monsters, do they mix?  Hmmm... not sure, but we had a great time anyway.  We headed out to the ImagineNation Expo for some fun.  We brought back a whole load of pictures and a bit less money then what we left with.  Check em out here.


  Dead End is all the rage on the internet.  Sandy Collora directed this 8 minute short featuring some of the best FX work you'll ever see in a film at this budget.  Henry Alvarez sculpted the new look Batman cowl for the film and his son Nick helped with the Predator suit.  Henry has alot more Dead End pictures on his site under the 'Film Work' category. http://www.alvarezwaxmodels.com

If you haven't seen this film, head over to http://www.theforce.net/theater/ and download it.  It really is an amazing movie and showcases alot of talents.  It goes to show what you can do with enough inspiration and perspiration.



  Are you a serious collector?  Do you want the best of the best?   Larry Kidd ain't foolin around with his rubber.  He went right to the source to get the best in the world.  He has accumulated a number of world class pieces from Steve Wang himself.  One of a kind pieces that are more realistic than when they were on the big screen.  Check out his assortment of beasts and then go change your underwear.


  Dearly Departed we are gathered here today...oh sorry.  You know him as the Godfather of Masks, the Lugosi of Latex.  He's been alive and kicking for nearly 400 years and has been collecting masks ever since.  David Lady flew in after sundown for a chat with LMC.  Read about his life and times and what's on his mind.  You'll find the only thing sharper than his canines is his quick wit.  He will having you laughing so hard, you may find yourself in an early grave muahahahaha.

  Jon Fuller found Hollywood.  He also found the start of a great career and fame and fortune.  Well, one out of three ain't bad.  We talked to Jon when LMC first opened, before he had struck gold and now that he has, we had him back for a reality check.  Read about Jon's new start in the world of sculpting FX.


  It's coming and it's gonna be cool!  Hellboy is another comic turned super movie that promises special FX galore and a whole new set of characters to fall in love with.  If you've read the comic by Mike Mignola, you are familiar with this demon he calls Hellboy and his many friends and foes.  Guillermo Del Toro is holding the reigns and promises this won't be one you'll soon forget.  We talked to Mike Elizalde whose company Spectral Motion is heading up most of the FX work on this movie.  Read what Mike had to say.


  It started out innocently enough.  A phone call and the the whirlwind began.  Paul Daniels lives, breathes and eats latex.  He has run Darkside Studios for a number of years and it's growing like a weed.  Find out all about him here and what it takes to run a successful Mask studio.