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This is the majority of my humble collection as it stands now. There's plenty more to come. (Left-Right) Manic Goalie, Raw 2 (display), IC Myers, Hellchrome, Raw 2 (cut), Unearthed, and 50%

  (Left-Right) Raw 2 from NightOwl Productions, that is a decayNYfx hockey mask on it, The "Official" Michael Myers mask produced by Illusive Concepts, and Unearthed, sculpted by Jeff Wehenkel and produced, quite nicely I might add, by Jason Zyla, owner/operator of NFX Studios. I love this piece, the acrylic teeth on it add a whole new level of "depth" to it.

This is the Manic Goalie, to my knowledge it's one of NFX's earliest pieces and is no longer available. It was designed and sculpted by JZ himself, and even though he's not very fond of it, I think it's a fantastic mask. It has acrylic teeth too, looks cool alone, but put a hockey mask on it and you've got a winner everytime.
Next to the MG is my display copy of Justin "NightOwl" Mabry's Raw 2, Such an awesome mask, I needed two, I couldn't bring myself to cut vision holes or a slit.



  Here's another unique mask. This guy's name is Crusher, it even sounds evil. This is produced by Steve Wang's Bio-Morphs. A marvelous purchase, great mask with a price tag that won't leave you "Livin' in a van, down
by the river!"
  This mask is very special to me. not only because it looks great, but because it was a custom paint job designed and done very beautifully by our gracious host, none other than Neil Goldsmith, on an already fantastic work of art. Foam filled blank mask was purchased from Casey Love, who is an artist simply from another planet when it comes to his work.
  This is the Death Chest available through the mecca of all things latex, Death Studios. Chest was trimmed down so I could apply it to an undershirt for use in costumes. A quality piece, can't get better than DS!"