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  If you haven't heard of Steve Wang, you probably just flew in from Mars.  Not only is he one of the worlds best FX artist, master sculptor and creature designer, he also finds time to write and produce movies.  Oh yeah, he has a new lineup of masks for 2002.  Check out his lineup and then go buy one at his site, you won't regret it.



  This was originally created for my film. Guyver 2 dark hero back in 1993. It was actually a female Zoanoid character named, "Sten" . Zoanoids are corporate created, genetically altered humans with the ability to transform into monsters. The silouette of this design was inspired by Thai puppet theater characters that I used to watch when I was a kid.

The Rock

  I sculpted a lava demon for bedazzled, the film with Brendan Frasier and Elizabeth Hurley. You got to see it for about 1.5 seconds near the end of the film. Thought I do another version of it mixed with a traditional italian gargole. It ended up looking more like stone after I ababdoned the original lava paint scheme.



This was originally designed for Guyver 2 Dark Hero as well. it was known as "Crane" I did a claypress from the original mold and sculpted a snarling expression as well as add a lot of new details to the sculpt. This sculpture is actually a lot better than the original one I did back in 1993.


Vampire King

  Had a bug up my butt to sculpt a bat creature. It originally had long hair, but the cost of doing it proved to be prohibitive.


  What can I say, inspired by phantom of the paradise. with a twist, of course.


  This one was inspired by Japanese ghost stories. It was created primarily for shock value, to be used mostly in haunted houses for that certain "creepy" factor.


  This was originally designed for a Japanese film called "Dragon Blue" Although I did not make the one used in the film itself, Rather I recycled the design for a TV pilot I directed called "Sirens of the Deep


  This was originally sculpted for a short mockumentary I was making. I wanted a cheap ape mask, the kind I used to see at the magic shops when I was a kid, but my search was in vain, so I ended up sculpting one. this was a 3-1/2 hour sculpture that turned out a little better than I wanted. I ended up including it in my line when I ran out of time to meet my deadline.


  Always had a fascination with underwater aliens. This is one of my takes on the subject.