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  The Makeup Artist Trade Show for 2003 was quite a fun time for all of us.  I took lots and lots of pictures, met up with lots of internet buddies and saw some eye opening things.  Check it out here.

  Like I've always said, if you can't have fun at someone else's expense, than what's the point.  The shadow showed up at the Makeup Artist Trade Show and was able to hear alot more going on from the pictures than you might get from just seeing them.



  The top 20 most powerful people in the world of masks as picked by the public.  All these people have had an impact in the way the hobby has evolved and many are still steering that ship.  Have a look, read about them, visit their sites and give them a pat on the back for pushing the world of painted rubber to where it is today and where it is going tomorrow.  click here




Casey Love is making quite a name for himself lately.  He has been doing alot of painting both for himself and for clients.  Check out what is keeping him busy here.  Casey can never have too much business.  if you have an interest in having Casey paint some of your masks, head on over to his site and drop him a line. www.theclonefactory.com



  Drop what you are doing and go to your favorite big name bookstore right now and pick up  Movie  FX, the video magazine on DVD.  Better yet, go to MovieFXMag.com and get a subscription.  You won't regret it.  We had a chat with Gary Barth, the creator of this awesome quarterly DVD publication.  Read all about it.


  Tom Spina needs a shave.  Either that or you are looking at the business end of one of his prized creations: the Wampa.  Tom stopped by for a chat and some breath mints.  He laid down on our couch and revealed his inner dark secrets and just what drives him to create and stock such an impressive collection.  Read all about his past and present and just maybe you will learn how  you go about building one of these things they call Wampa.

  What are you trying to do, scare the neighborhood kids?  A lot of high quality masks have come out of TCM.  Check out a few here and get the lowdown from the artists that created them.  Read Joe's synopsis of this timeless classic.



The master is back!  Sure he's got a million things to do, but  you can't keep him away from masks for long.  Steve Wang has a whole new lineup of masks ready to roll  for 2002.  His designs have that unique flair and distinctive style that you know must be a Wang design even before you see the name on the tag.  Check out Steve's entire lineup here, and get exclusive thoughts from the man himself on each design.   Then get on over to his site and pick one up or five or six.