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  A lot of mask makers will refer to drawings whether homemade or done by someone else.  Here is your chance to post some of what you've drawn.  Maybe just for fun, or something you've spent weeks on.  Whatever you got, we want to see it.  If you are a mask maker and you like an artist's work, send them an email asking if you can use their idea for a mask, or possibly have them draw up some custom designs.   Put up your feet, turn on some soft music, sit back and enjoy.  You've just stopped into the Entertainment Center Spot where all things creative inhabit. Prepare yourself for some great artwork.

The wonderful work of Knut Nerheim Bergene who hails from Norway.  Knut is planning on getting into mask making in a big way and can't wait to get his hands on some clay.  I imagine he will do just fine with it.



Give me the word and I will sharpen my pencil, I will tear off a new sheet of paper and go to work. I can put your ideas on paper, I can put my ideas on paper, I can even put your dog's ideas on paper. I am never too busy to draw. Don't be shy give me a shout. Big Joe is ready and willing.  email Joe


  Al Rio is an incredible talent.  He has worked on DC, Chaos and Marvel Comics.  He and exceptionally talented sculptor and artist Alex Oliver are teaming up for a one two punch down in South America.  Check out some of Al and Alex's work.

  Dan Mills hails from Tacoma, WA after spending some frigid years in Alaska.  Dan has been drawing and painting for over 25 years and paints a variety of subjects including wildlife, portraits, still life, cartoons.  Though, Sci-Fi and fantasy are his favorites.  Dan is primarily self taught and takes inspiration from some of the masters: Frazetta, Brom, Whealan, Kruger just to list a few.  Dan does commissions and has more pictures at his site: http://community.webshots.com/user/wolverat1
  Jesus Vega has a nifty pen and some neat ideas.  Check out some of his art.
  Andrew Carter has some very nice and unique drawings.  Check out the neat concepts and wonderful use of colors!