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You want to show the world where your hard earned dollars are going, huh?  check out the lineup of collections we have here.  Some stuff to drool over.


Rick Difeo - knows a quality mask when he sees one.  He's got quite a few unique pieces.  Wouldn't you like to own one or two?

  President Evil - If P.E. can't find what he wants, he just makes it.  Check out his collection and some of his custom projects to enhance and beautify his home.
  Stanley Post -Stanley makes em and buys em.  Check out a few of his pieces.  Some real nice stuff.
  Chrome Chainsaw   -  Well, what can we say about CC that hasn't been said before?  He was very instrumental in helping us get the site up and we thankee him for it.  Check out what he has hiding in his bedroom.... and yes that was thankee, which rhymes with hankey or was it Pretty Woman?


Rhonda Underwood   -  Who says women can't collect masks?  Rhonda has one of the most extensive collections I've come across.  Check out some of her prized pieces, then come back and tell me horror ain't for women :-)

  Travis Sallenbach - Travis does a great job supporting many of the independent artists out there, and I've only heard great things about him from artists.  You can find him wandering many of the mask sites.  Check out his collection.
  Alex Clogston - Alex has found a unique way to scratch his back while he yodels.  Check out his growing collection and for Pete's sakes, someone find this guy a proper back scratcher.
  Scott Solomon - Scott has one outstanding collection that is growing in leaps and bounds.  President Bush had to swing by just to take a look.
  Theron Turner - He knows Evil Dead and I'm sure the evil knows him.  Check out his growing collection of Evil Dead pieces.
  James Lurgio - No, that isn't James on a particularly bad day. That is one of James' many cool pieces in his collection.  Check out what else has come across his doorstep and into his house as well as his way cool office setup.
  Steve Haberman has one of the best collections you will find in the world.  Check out some of his amazing masks.
  Glenn Williams is geared up for any Halloween event.  He's got a huge assortment of awesome masks.