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WELL,,,,,, we all saw it coming, the BIG JOE'S movie review section, and it is finally here. To start our little adventure into the unreal, I have chosen an underdog in the SLASHER cata-GORY!!!!!! ...... "SLAUGHTER HIGH".

The title alone makes you stop and go, "HELL YES", and watching it will only strengthen your opinion of it. Since this is the first review, lets get to know what a good slasher film is. A good slasher film contains three main things: a visually appealing killer, a likeable cast, and believable situations. This film contains all of these and is enhanced by the visually stunning set, an abandoned, rundown school.  The perfect setup for a blood bath of suspense and shock filled moments. The killer, Marty, dons a jesters mask, accented by small bells that jingle.  These add to the suspense.  You hear him, but is he really there?

This film picks up pretty fast, and doesn't stop until the end. Marty was the butt of a joke that had a disfiguring affect. Not only physically but mentally. Now he is mean, mad and looking to get even. The deaths in this film are outstanding, well lit, well shot, not short little choppy deaths of 2 second footage of a knife going through a chest, and that crap. With a few multi-stage murders, such as a ridding lawn mower being dropped on a mans legs.  Why couldn't he just hold it up? Well, it is hard to do when a crazy little bastard, is cutting your wrist and forearms with a rusty knife. The mower comes crashing down, sending gushes of blood spewing out of each side of it, very appealing. Other deaths include a crucifixion to a door, stomach blown up to spill out intestines, knife through seat of car pinioning the driver, acid bath in a tub that would clean anyone to the BONE, submersion in sump hole,(smelly)!!!!!!! LOL, and an electrocution or two, with a few other goodies.! Other things that make this movie work are the actual punk ass kids, that turned Marty into what he is today. They are so UN-likeable, but convincing.  They don't appear to be reading cue cards, but are far from an Emmy. But non the less, you begin to hate them and see how mean they truly are, and you find yourself rooting for the bad guy (I KNOW I DO)! When the blood has been shed, and all are dead, the killer unmasks himself, then we slip into a world of dreams, and surreal situations (A complete rip off from maniac). Screaming, Marty wakes up in a hospital, face bandaged and body scarred, was it all a dream, did it happen, will it happen? When the credits roll and the main theme song sounds, we know this much, Marty has killed his nurse, then looking towards the camera, proceeds to rip off his face. It sounds confusing but it really isn't. One thing is for sure, it makes you pray to God the geek you picked on in school doesn't remember you. And if you where the geek, this film just might give you a few ideas.!!!!!!!!!!! big joe.


should i get it?
"Worth Buying."