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LMC: Are there any  particular figures in the mask world you admire?

DL: By “figures” do you mean like Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Elvira…?

LMC: Any trendsetters, industry movers and shakers, dead or alive?

DL: I guess I really admire everybody who makes masks to some extent.  As for trendsetters, Don Post, Pat Newman, and Verne Langdon were the pioneers.  I’m not sure mask collecting as we know it today would exist if it hadn’t been for their efforts back in the 1960s.

LMC: How will masks evolve in the future?

DL: In the future we won’t have latex masks.  We’ll have virtual masks.  They’ll be projected three-dimensional opaque-looking holograms that will be projected to cover your entire head.  They’ll move with your real head.  They’ll be transmitted from a little wire you’ll wear around your neck.  That will solve the problem of not being able to breathe or talk as well with a mask on, because there won’t really be anything there; just a projection.  There will be a tiny button on the wire right in front, to turn the mask on and off.  No more casting, seaming and painting every time somebody orders a mask.  We’ll just have one prototype and photograph it as a hologram each time somebody orders one.  Of course it will be costly for collectors because they’ll have to keep all those projections going all the time in order to maintain what looks like a collection.  There will have to be AC wall adapters for virtual masks in addition to the terminals to run them off batteries.  Some guys will be trying to perfect the ultimate Michael Myers mask hologram.  And I don’t think this theory of mine is made any less valid by the fact that I just now made it up.

LMC: Where will all the great horror hotel rubber go if it outlasts you?

DL: Maybe if you’re nice to me, I’ll remember you in my will.  Or maybe there will be a really strange Estate Sale here one day, after I finally die and stay dead.  But really, you can just steal the masks you want from me after I’m dead.  I won’t care.  Unless you’re the one who killed me, that is.  Then I’d care.  Then you’ll be found lying in your bed with your throat torn out, and next to your body will be an Alvarez David Lady mask with that mean smirk on its face and blood on the mouth!  Umm…pardon me, I may have gotten a bit carried away there.


LMC: What are some of your pet peeves?

DL: Oh, just the usual ones.  Cannibals, gravity, the Internet, cheap shoelaces, thinly-poured masks, Best Buy employees, people who use “addy” for “address”.  There are a lot of them.

LMC: what makes you happy?

DL: People being nice to me.  That, and getting a new mask, and watching scary movies.  I’m sure there are other things but those are the first answers that popped into my tiny little mind so those are the ones I’m sticking with.  Those, and of course, avoidance of all those darn Pet Peeves.

LMC: If you had 10 million dollars, what would you be doing?

DL: Installing good burglar alarms.  I’ve always wanted to have plenty of money…not THAT much, mind you, but enough to not have to worry about getting by.  If I did have more money than I needed, I don’t think I’d ever get bored.  There are so many things I’d like to make and sculpt and design and write, I’d always find things to do.  I wouldn’t go lie around on a beach somewhere or something like that; I’d still want to devote my time to creative projects.  I can’t understand it when people say they’d go nuts from boredom if they didn’t have outside jobs.  There are always cool things I want to do that I know I’ll never have time for because I stay so busy with the masks, just making ends meet.  So someone else will just have to solve the mysteries of the space-time continuum.

LMC: If you didn’t get involved with masks or haunts, what do you see yourself doing?

DL: Same thing Beethoven, Mozart and Bach are doing right now…Decomposing.          

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