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Oh man, I think there was something in my popcorn, man.  I was chilling with some buds, hanging around and we like all decided to go see this movie with that girl.  What's her name, man? Oh yeah, Meg something, Meg Ryan I think.  You know, she won one of those award thingies. Anyway, I think we made a wrong turn, but I didn't see Peg in this movie.  Hope she likes her award. 

You know, I've seen something like this movie before.  I don't remember, maybe it was last week or something.  I think there was this dude with like a gun or something, or maybe it was a knife, an electric knife.  No, that's not it.  Oh no, I remember, I remember.  This dude had a chainsaw.  That's it!  Chasing people around with a chainsaw or something like he was cutting down trees.  Anyway, this movie really made me think of that one.  I don't know why.  I don't think there was a chainsaw in this one, but one guy had an electric knife.  I think. 

Well, the movie was pretty creepy.  There was alot of rain.  It seems to rain alot in this movie.  I think they probably should have filmed it when it wasn't raining, because the rain really messed up stuff.  I don't like to get wet, so I'd have to tell them I can't work until the rain stopped.  I hope they would be cool with that.  Well, these dudes were in the rain, so they went into this gas station to get some Milky Ways or something.  Now, I've seen clowns in gas stations all the time, but these guys acted like it was something strange.  This clown was kind of cool.  He had an attitude and I think I really liked him the most, even more than Peg.  She didn't seem to be in this movie till the end, but I think I fell asleep at one point, so maybe not.  Anyway, these dudes were really bugging on this clown.  I yelled at them myself to leave the poor clown alone, but they kept bugging him about some tree, man.  I don't know why people have to go out in the rain and do stuff like look at trees, but these people thought it would be fun. 

This is when things got going.  I kind of drifted here and there, so my memory is a little bit faded.  I remember the movie was tripping or maybe it was my popcorn, but it kept jumping to these weird scenes and some weird colors and stuff.  I thought I was watching that TV show that plays all that music.  You know, CNN.  I think.  Anyway, there were some rabbits and I stood up and cheered, because I see rabbits all the time, but they don't look like these rabbits.  I remember the guy with the electric knife or was it a gun, but he was running around this house doing stuff and laughing kind of like that guy on CNN.  This is where I kind of fell asleep, but people were leaving the movie like it was over at this point and complaining about those poor rabbits..  I said, "Hey man, the movie isn't over.  I haven't seen Peg yet".  Most of them were just leaving, so I figured I'd wake up and see why.  There was this hot chick too.  She laughed like those rabbits laughed, or did those rabbits laugh? Well, it was fun at first, but man, the popcorn was giving me a headache and so was her laughing.  She was hot too.  I remember seeing her butt or something like that.  That was my favorite part.  If she made her own movie, I'd go watch it if she didn't laugh all the time.

The guy with the electric knife had a whole family like him.  It reminded me of my family without the knives though.  They were all a bunch of kooks.  I'd like to decorate my house like that, but I don't remember how it looked.  Well, those people that got Milky Ways weren't too happy about this house.  I don't know why, they must have thought it wasn't decorated well, so they were yelling alot.  Next time I woke up, these dudes were like being chased by something in a big hole or something.  These rabbits were running around and these dudes were chasing them.  I don't know why they did this, but this part freaked me out, man.  I wished I didn't fall asleep, cuz I don't know why they were in this hole, but my friend told me that rabbits live in holes.

Well, the movie was ok.  I think the Peg movie would have been better.  There was alot of blood and stuff like that and I'm more about peace, man.  I didn't really care much about that family.  You know, there's no reason for such killing I think, but the house sure looked far out.  If you can get hold of some of that popcorn I had, you might like it, but I don't think I would go see it unless that girl with the boobies was in it again.  Oh wait!