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LMC: So what is your opinion of Myers really ;-) ?

PD: You know there will never be the perfect Myers.  I think everyone knows you just canít duplicate the studio setting and all that.  I used to have nightmares about Myers when I was little.  I mean it got real bad.  I even had to talk to someone about it and it was so bad I would wake up in a cold sweat.  I mean, it started back in í82 when I first got into Myers and I was little.  I remember  my friends couldn't go to the bathroom during the movie.  We were freaked out.  I guess it carried over.  It just hung with me.  I was always scared at a haunted house that someone in a Myers mask  would come out.  Now other things scare me like alimony.  Iím still trying to figure out how to loosen the brake cable on her car.

LMC: How did your terd sell?

PD: What!?  Oh, my Hanky terd puppet! Hehe, you know at first he sold pretty well when I released him, but around Halloween he didn't sell that well.  I saw better pics of it from the movie well after and I think it was a bit too much off.   It looks cool and is a novelty item.  I was thinking of putting some corn in there hehe.  This interview has gotten sick, we need to stop, I'm one of the few mask makers who would put a prop in the toilet for the effect of a photo. I had to deliver that thing the next day, it smelled like s###, but who cares. I am kidding, I'm only a little sick minded. Not that sick!

(Editor Note:  I guess that makes two of us with toilet issues.)


LMC: í03 plans

PD: Ravenspawn is a big one that Iím finishing up.  I got ideas from that character and Iíve changed it somewhat.  The Darkside circus is really big.  Killer Clowns and whatnot.  Pete, Jason, Joe,  some guy in Florida J  I might have a few other artists doing something.  I want to do my 3 nippled witch.  Iíve been wanting to do that for ages.  I want to do something like Meg Mucklebones with big droopy boobs.  Chest, head and all that. Some guys like droopy boobs, not me, but some do.  Some freaks  and a ring master too. I donít think Iím going anywhere soon.

I have to leave you with a joke.  Ok?  This is a good one.  Hope it's not too risque.  I heard Michael Jackson went to the ER last night because of an upset stomach.  He got sick from  eating a 5 year old wiener! 
One thing before I go, I'd like to say my motto:  I live Life to it's fullest, you never know when it's over.


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