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Death Studios starts its inaugural season selling masks


25 years selling masks to the public.  Death Studios has been pouring rubber for a quarter century!  That is a looong time and Jeff Death has been at the helm since day one.  He has seen trends come and go, other mask companies rise and fall and gained a loyal following of mask fans buying the latest rubber creations out of his Indiana shop.

Jeff could have followed suit like alot of other large mask companies and chosen the high volume, reduced quality path of outsourcing his production in an attempt to nip at the pockets of the casual Halloweener that tosses out the mask November 1st.  But DS masks are not masks you throw out.  The quality makes every one a collectors piece and loyal fans are more than willing to pay a little more for a high quality paint job, thicker casting, better all around mask.  Jeff doesn't just run the show, he has a hand in producing nearly every mask that leaves his shop and with 25+ years of experience, you really can't miss.

There are quite a few talented independent mask artists out there producing creations for the latex loving community.  You would think this would pose a threat to Jeff's business.  Quite the contrary.  Jeff is single handedly responsible for the growth of many of these artists.  Most cut their teeth on Jeff's mask making video that has remained practical and chock full of knowledge over 15 years later.  Jeff is always just a phone call away with sage advice on technical matters.  He has helped out a number of artists get their business rolling and has trained some of the greats like Jordu Schell and Jeremy Bohr. 

So, where does DS go from here?  Hopefully, Jeff will be making masks long into the future.  Who doesn't get excited when Jeff announces his new lineup.  With his ability to attract world class sculptors, most collectors are like a kid in a candy store.  I would like to see DS live on for a very long time.

Some of Jeff's friends and fans wanted to give a word or two about what DS and Jeff has meant to them.  At the end, feel free to add you own sentiment!


I found Death Studios by accident a few years ago, that was the first time I had ever seen any independent studio made masks. At the time, I was completely blown away by the detail, and the designs of these masks. Didn't take long until I had ordered a few! And now some years later, with my knowledge of what goes into a mask, and how hard these great artists work, I'm even more impressed with the work Death Studios does, it's not hard at all to see why they've been around a quarter century. Congratulations Jeff and everyone at DS, here's to 25 more!   Travis Sallenbach


Death Studio pieces were the first masks I ever collected. I have approx 30 dating back to the 80's!!!! Scott Solomon
Death Studios is the standard by which all masks must be measured. There's quality in latex and then there's Death Studios quality. Not to mention the most reasonable prices. Alex Clogston


The first mask i ever bought from Death Studios was "Danny the Bastard". After that I was hooked on buying latex masks. You are always guaranteed a high
quality mask and great customer service from Jeff and his staff. Congratulations on 25 years of outstanding work.  
Rick Difeo
I've been fortunate enough to have purchased a number of Death Studios masks over the years.  Jeff has consistently produced outstanding quality masks at prices that we hard-core latex addicts can afford.  Thanks Jeff, for helping to keep this hobby alive and for making it so much fun to do what we love to do...collect masks!  Keep up the great work!  Rhonda Underwood
Jeff was not only the inspiration that got me into sculpting but his video and phone support taught me everything I know! Thanks Jeff." Jesse Wroblewski Puppet Terrors
I was the one who gave Jeff the name "Yoda". Why, He is truely the one who paved the way for quality masks with a great price. It all started for me in the bright early 90's, looking at the articles in Playboy, in the back of the mag are these cool masks. I got a catalog and the rest is history. I ordered mask after mask, seeing he had the best thing going, with a great great price. I could order a couple masks for just over $100 bucks, and they looked like they did in the catalog.
The almighty meeting was at the Fango show in Chicago. I was looking to talk with make-up artists and to the left was a huge Death Studios display. My wife told me to calm down, I was completely nuts. I walked up and started talking, Jeff said-Paul Daniels- recognizing my voice from my many phone orders. That meant alot to me. Soon after the official visit to Death- awe was not the word- I felt like I was on drugs-just floated around looking at the world called Death Studios. DarkSide had already begun, but only because of Jeff. He is there for my tech questions and even my moronic stories I need to share. Jeff has set an example with Death Studios for many a mask maker, especially me. All you have to do is ask about cool masks and Death Studios comes up. He must be doing something right, he has been going for 25 years. Congratulations, my friend and mentor, I am proud to call you that. Thanks for all you have done for me and the world of masks. After all this time, I am still your biggest fan.  Darkside Paul


25 YEARS of making masks!!! You old fart! Keep up the
great work, you've been THE standard that I've always
looked up to. Congratulations Jeff!!!
Pete Infelise
Happy 25th Anniversary Jeff and Death Studios! An Amazing Artist and  A super great guy.  From The Fiendish Dr. Phil and Miss Monsterella.
Congratulations to Jeff for being a major force
in  the mask community for a quarter of a
century.  I can say, personally, that one of my
early inspirations was seeing the exciting stuff
on display in the Death Studios ads and catalog.
Long before I ever sculpted a halfway decent
creature, I sat and marveled at the creations on
display, even in the black and white ads.  The
Death Studios line was, I believe, my first
exposure to the work of Jordu, and several other
great artists that have inspired me.  Jeff has
done an amazing amount of work over the years,
putting out the best quality work he possibly
can, and is still a good guy.  Thanks for the
inspiration, Jeff! 
Joe Lester
When I met Jeff Death, he had owed me 2 T-shirts for 2 years. I went to his shop and a bit of me has been there ever since. Thanks Jeff for giving me a chance and taking a design when no one else wanted it. ( Pumpkin is still selling after all these years) Thanks for being my encouragement to be as good a sculptor as I can be. You have influenced me more than you will ever know..... congrats on 25 years and here's to many more......Jeff Wehenkel
Aside from having the most awesome masks in the world, Jeff is one of  the most generous people you will ever meet.  Death Studios has inspired and spawned so many of us maskmakers and artists.
Justin Mabry
Nightowl Productions



Where to begin? Jeff Keim is one of my best friends and I really don't know when it became that way. I met him for the first time in 1998. Paul Daniels was going out to see him at the studio and I really wanted to tag along. I had been e-mailing and calling Jeff off and on, asking tech questions and basically bugging him for about 6 months prior to our first meeting. He was always nice and answered my questions. Even so, I could tell he wasn't all that impressed with the pictures of the work I was sending him. "Do you want me to tell you the truth or what you want to hear?" He actually said that to me! It was the first time anyone had truly been honest with me about what I was doing  and it did sting a little. When Paul and I finally got to Jeff's I was in awe, I had never seen so many masks all in one place. They were everywhere! Its one thing to see a bunch of them in an ad but, its altogether different to see ALL of them in one place at one time in the flesh! There was so much history all over and the work of so many tremendous sculptors. I think I touched as many masks as I could get my hands on so if someone uses a mask bought in 99' to kill someone my fingerprints will be all over the murder weapon. After the grand tour Paul and I were ready to leave and Jeff says " Here take this, I'm tired of seeing pictures of you sculpting on all those messed up armatures" He handed both Paul and I our first REAL lifecasts to sculpt on. I always thought of that gesture of kindness as a small investment in me. I recently returned that armature to him. I'd like to think that its just waiting there to be given to someone else who needs a little bit of that magic to get them in the right direction. Happy 25th Jeff ! You've done more than you know. Jeremy Bohr


he has definatly put out some kick ass masks and will continue to order from him for many years to come! Stan
Death Studios defines the art of Masks and mask making setting the bar for quality and value. Congratulations Death Studios! Andrew Carter
Death Studios quality is unsurpassed.  My family and I have been dealing with Jeff over the past 18 years.  His work has scared many a customer since we opened our local Haunted house in 1986.  Long live Death Studios!  Bryan Strasser
Jeff Death is a heck of a nice guy, and he runs a very honest business. Death Studios masks are a Godsend to collectors, costumers, and haunted attraction operators alike. He and the other talented artisians have provided fans and mask collectors with the finest masks available at an incredible value. Happy 25 th anniversary Jeff and Company, and here's to another 25
successful years!
Allan Bennett
I remember reading Fangoria back in the 80s and seeing ads for Death Studios masks. There was a few I wanted badly, but I could never get my parents to buy me any Aaron Lewis

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