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The 2 pretty woman mask are both made by me. I tried different approaches to them, and I think I finally got it down.



2nd Pretty Woman mask        


Witch mask, was made by James Rogers, I painted it. it was GIVEN to me, when I ordered the twisty mask from him. he gave me it for free, including a latex skull and a foam face appliance.  He is a real nice guy and a hell of an artist.  



Who else?


The hockey mask was made by Dungeon Demonics aka NFX. it was painted by me. It is about 1/4 inche thick and is a very solid mask, it is also signed on the back by KANE HODDER. He really liked it.

  The Leatherface mask is from part 2. I bought it in a chainsaw box set.  It came with an air brushed license plate for a car, with Leatherface on it with the words DOG WILL HUNT, and it also came with a real chainsaw and 2 bone windchimes, which I have hanging by my smoker.


This is my morning face.  I hate it when I don't take out my contacts


The twisty was also sculpted by James Rogers, It is a foam filled display bust, it has a good weight too it making it a very nice center piece.



The Freddy glove I bought of e-bay. I polished the blades, and put a little extra wear on them.



This is the ek mask done by doc.mixer.

I took the hair off, because I hated the way it looked. and I repainted it, because I hated the way that looked too. This is what it looks like now,  perfect.!!!!"


This was a blank fiberglass pull, which I bought from NFXStudios.  I finished
it my self. Drilled, dremmeled, backed,  shaped, heated, formed, painted and strapped.

  This was an old man mask, with flesh color paint. I repainted it, and cut
the eye holes bigger.   I love this mask, one of my favorites. It is very thin, like the first Halloween mask, so you can keep it in your  pocket if you want to, and it returns to it original shape.  The hair on the mask is another reason why I love it so much. It is like the hair on the RARE MYERS MASK.  I love it, the color and the texture.
  I got my new doo.  Do you like my doo, or do I have to do what I do best on you?



Hitchhiker knife, one I use to shave my head :-)