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Sculpting like a Hollywood FX pro is easy.  Just watch Mark Alfrey's video 100 times, practice for, oh about 10 years and you should have it down.  We took a look at his video "Sculpting Movie Monsters" and then another and another.  Read our review and get out the clay.

  The video (VHS) contains 2 approximately 30 minute segments.  The 1st segment has Mark sculpting a demon character onto an actor's lifecast.  This is typically how foam latex appliances  are created.  Small amounts of clay are added to the lifecast in order modify the actor's face and transform him into the design, while still maintaining the overall structure of  his face.
  Mark is extremely adept with his tools.  You will notice he will use the same tool at various angles and degrees of pressure to achieve his desired result.  Facial features are formed and blended with a surprisingly minimum number of tools.  The demon character is sculpted using an oil based clay called Chevant.  I was impressed with the speed and high quality results from this segment.

In the second segment, Mark sculpts a creature of some sort.  Intended to be turned into a prop.  This also was done in Chevant clay.  This segment adds blocking and forming the shape as the first step to creating your creature.  A little more difficult since you don't have an actor's lifecast to assist with dimensions, but critical if you want your design to reflect proper symmetry, something every mask maker needs to perfect  Mark does detailed work on the whole head including teeth and ears.

  The production quality in this video is top notch.  The lighting and camera angle are never an issue.  The details are brought into view and at close enough distance to see them clearly.  The background music is like none other you've heard in a video of this nature.  I won't say what it is, but turn your volume up.  I've found I need to watch this video a number of times to get the nuances down.  It's one of those things where you see it, try it, rewatch it, retry it and finally say, "yeah, that works great, now if only I could do it as good as he does".  Only complaint, at times a little more explanation would be good, but a picture is worth a thousand words. 
  Mark intends on continuing with more videos in the series.  He is currently looking for input from the public as to what topics they may be interested in learning about.  Based on his wide array of skills in the FX business, I can foresee a whole library of these videos.  Stay tuned.
  Want to get the video?  Check out www.monsterclub.com